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The Africa Leadership Development Initiative

Basically, leadership as we know is the most important dynamic and positive force, if applied well will motivate people to act beyond routine compliance, acting in a shared direction to bring about positive change, or help an organization to realize its strategic goals. The importance therefore of having good leaders to helm Africa's enterprises, organisations and countries is of outmost importance. The African Graduate School of Management and Leadership is about contributing to the development of such leadership in Africa.

The African Leadership Development Initiative at the African Graduate School of Management and Leadership will bring scholars from around the world to undertake research to that will build and enhance Africa's current crop of leaders and its future leaders.

Their research will inform the content and new courses that will be developed at the school on leadership to teach policy makers, entrepreneurs, business leaders as well as private and public sector employees to enhance their skills to enable them contribute to Africa's growth and development efforts. Research outputs on relevant issues pertaining to leadership and sustainable growth and development in Africa will be published and talks as well as conferences will be held to share such knowledge.