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Bargaining and Negotiations

Bargaining and Negotiations

In our daily lives, we are constantly engaged in Bargaining and Negotiations. This could be at home, work, the marketplace, between us and our family members, friends, relatives or between nations. Bargaining is the process of negotiating the terms and conditions of a transaction or a relationship. Whiles negotiation is trying to reach an agreement or compromise through discussions. Bargaining and Negotiations is not about outwitting your opponents nor is it about taking advantage of them. In fact, in successful negotiations everyone wins. It is equally true that in successful negotiations, relations are preserved and such negotiations generate valuable results for both parties. Bargaining and Negotiations skills are thus crucial skills that every manager and leader should have. Indeed, bargaining and negotiations skills are for all those who seek a win-win outcome in their daily dealings with others.

Major Focus of the Seminar

  • What is Bargaining and Negotiations?
  • Preparing for the Negotiation
  • Dealing with assumptions
  • Negotiating techniques
  • Bargaining and Negotiating with difficult/hard-nosed people
  • Negotiating across cultures/internationally
Bargaining and Negotiations

Who is this Seminar Designed For?

This seminar is designed for leaders and managers and officers as well as supervisors in public or private sector organisations, sales. It is designed for all those in organisations or business that are part of the negotiations team of their organisations. It is also designed for those in sales, purchasing, trade unions, lawyers and legislative bodies.

Seminar Type

This seminar can be delivered in-house by request or as a public programme. It is a one day intensive seminar.

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