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Time Management

Time Management

Time Management according to the Harvard Business School Press is, "the deliberate effort to control and allocate finite time resources in an effort to reduce waste, to attain higher levels of productivity, avoiding work overloads and ensuring that most important tasks get carried out." This seminar in Time Management will help participants learn how to manage time which is one of the most valuable resources that they have.

Major Focus of the Seminar

  • What is Time Management
  • Understanding time robbers
  • How to defeat time robbers
  • Determining how you spend your time
  • Managing your time
  • Dealing with time wasting bosses/managers
  • Delegating effectively
Time Management

Who is this Seminar Designed For?

This seminar is designed for the busy executive, CEO, manager, supervisor, and all those professionals whose time is limited but to whom time is also an important resource.

Seminar Type

This seminar can be delivered in-house by request or as a public programme. It is a one day intensive seminar.

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