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Handling Customer Complaints

Managing Difficult People

Effective handling of customer complaints in large or small businesses, whether they are in the private or public sector is good for business, the sustainability of the business and its image. When a customer or customers complain about their displeasure with a service or product of your company this needs to be handled urgently and professionally. No matter how small the complaint may be. This programme is designed to ensure that throughout the organization, there is a consistent approach and way to handle such complaints to the satisfaction of the customer as well as an advantage of the organization.

Major Focus of the Seminar

  • Establishing a common approach in the organization in handling complaints
  • Drawing up a complaints document for the organisation
  • Establish ownership and responsibility of complaints
  • Put into place escalation procedures
  • Keep in contact with customers for resolution of complains
  • Building satisfaction checks
Handling Customer Complaints

Who is this Seminar Designed For?

This seminar is designed for all front-line personnel in organisations, line-managers, service department personnel and service oriented organisations and businesses.

Seminar Type

This seminar can be delivered in-house by request or as a public programme. It is a one day intensive seminar.

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