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Influencing: (Getting Results Through Others)

Influencing: (Getting Results Through Others)

In today’s organizations the ability to get an individual or individuals to get work done or get a task carried through is not easy one. To be able to do that whiles gaining their respect, confidence and cooperation at the same time is what is known as influencing. Most managers, supervisors and leaders think that barking orders, making threats and throwing their weight around is wielding Influence. That is not influence and can be counterproductive. To be able to influence you need to be a true leader by being able to gain support from others, inspire others, and persuade others in your interpersonal communications and in the creation of relationships. This seminar is developed to help you be an influencer.

Major Focus of the Seminar

  • Understanding influencing
  • Important elements of influencing
  • Understanding the principles of influencing
  • Competencies involved in influencing others

Who is this Seminar Designed For?

This seminar is designed for all front-line personnel in organizations, line-managers, mid-career managers and for all those in the leadership, supervisory or oversight positions

Seminar Type

This seminar can be delivered in-house by request or as a public programme. It is a day to two days intensive seminar.

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