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Conductor Programme

Conductor Programme

The Conductor Programme is an intensive compact effective leadership programme. It takes its name from the Conductor of an orchestra. The Conductor must be able to direct the various musical instruments in the orchestra, such as strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion instruments into play at the right time, note and cadence to produce the desired effect and simpatico — beautiful music. An effective leader likewise must be able to lead seamlessly all the different portfolios in the organization to achieve the desired goals of the organization; more so in these challenging times.

Major Focus of the Seminar

  • Leadership types and styles
  • The process of leading others
  • Putting leadership into action
  • Leadership competencies
  • Communicating as a leader
  • Conflict resolution
Conductor Programme

Who is this Seminar Designed For?

This seminar is designed for all front-line personnel in organisations, line-managers, mid-career managers, all those in organisations that have supervisory/oversight roles.

Seminar Type

This seminar can be delivered in-house by request or as a public programme. It is a one day intensive seminar.

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